Sunday, 27 March 2016

Easter: The Liberation of Women

Today, on Easter Sunday, we remember the Rising of Jesus.
He appears to some of his followers; women, to be exact...
The women, astonished, tell the men. The men don’t believe them....
Then Jesus appears to the men. Then they believe....
Eventually, the men will make themselves the rulers of the Church and make sure that women never tell them anything ever again…
But Easter will not be contained, and the women will not be silent.
It is no accident that the first to receive the revelation of Easter were women.
Jesus will not be kept in a tomb, in the ground... and neither will the women.
Easter is about liberation and transformation- spiritual and temporal. 
For those with no voice, no influence, no say, Easter is a new beginning.
Creation is restored. All is made new. Death is dead.
Eden is no more. Satanic deception is no more. All 'curses' are broken.
Easter is equality, the death of hierarchies, boxes, and barriers.
Whatever hierarchies or barriers remain are those built later,
But make no mistake: they are not of God.
Easter is from God.
If we are to be of God, then we must be 'Easter People'-
Liberated, reconciled, transformed...

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