Friday, 17 June 2016

British MP Jo Cox: The Motive for Murder (and why we might never know...)

Yesterday’s murder of UK Labour MP Jo Cox, 41, has rocked Britain’s social and political equilibrium. In a nation where the violent crime rate- particularly committed with a firearm- is surprisingly low, and where practically all politically-motivated violence disappeared with the end of the Provisional IRA’s campaign over a decade ago, this has been a truly shocking event.

The fact that the victim was a young, vibrant, committed MP has only added to the shock. While it is true that the public’s opinion of ‘politicians’ seems to be at an all-time low, Cox didn’t fit any of the stereotypes of the ‘politician’ that so many of the public purport to loathe.

Regardless of the intemperate rhetoric thrown about calling for ‘politicians’ to be strung up, tarred, feathered, jailed, or just given a bloody good hiding, she seemed like the last one that anyone would actually want to gun down on a public street…

This inevitably leads us to the painful, difficult question of ‘why?’ Why her? 

We can, of course, look at the recent campaigns surrounding the EU referendum- the screaming headlines, the vitriol, the accusations back and forth of lies, deception, racism, and corruption… The debate has been an embarrassing shambles.

But even with all of that, why would someone resort to murdering a dedicated MP, a young wife and mother?

Sadly, we may never know.


Because the suspect in custody, Thomas Mair, is white, British, and a self-identified Christian.

If only the suspect were a minority or a Muslim…

If Cox’s killer were a Muslim or minority, every Muslim in the country would be considered a material witness, with detailed, clear knowledge and understanding of the individual and the crime.

White self-identified Christians have marvelous advantages when Muslims or minorities commit atrocities…

…because white Christians have a perfect knowledge of Islamic faith, culture, and politics;

We know what they believe, why they believe it, and why they do what they do.

And if a crime or extremist action is committed, we know that they always know who did it.

We’ve all heard the commentary of the experts on TV; 

Muslims and minorities are closely-knit communities, insular and introverted;

They all know each other; they all understand each other;

They are conformed and coordinated;

If a crime is committed, they all know who did it and why;

Even when they repudiate violence and extremism, we know to take that with a grain of salt;

Whatever they say or do, we know they are constantly inciting each other to violence.

Muslims and minorities are not transparent; they very often don’t mean what they say, and what they say very often has the exact opposite meaning of what they say.

They might say that they condemn violence, but white Christians know all the code words and hidden meanings…

They might talk about ‘peace’ or ‘social justice’, but we know what they really mean…

We read a book once;

We heard a speaker once;

We heard an expert on the news once.

So, as you can see, from a purely investigative standpoint, it is very unfortunate that Cox’s killer was not an Islamic extremist;

If they were, we'd all be in no doubt about their background or motives;

Sadly, the shooter was white, which makes him an absolute enigma.

We can only assume that he was weird or sick, since white shooters have no beliefs, no politics, no prejudices, no motives.

No one incites them; no one encourages them.

Nothing that a white, Christian-identifying politician, priest, or pastor ever says can ever be seen as inciting violence or intolerance; the very idea is absurd. Everything they say is perfectly clear, understandable, rational, balanced, and logical.

The very fact that what they say is ever misconstrued as intolerant, hateful, racist, or violent only points to just how crazy that listener was or is. Any rational person listening heard it for what it was…

White Christians have no code words; no hidden meanings;

White people are calm and rational, in control of their intellects and actions.  

Finally, no other whites from Christian backgrounds can be of any help whatsoever, since white Christians never have any idea why one of their own might be violent or unstable.

In fact, the minute a white Christian commits a crime, an atrocity, or a racist act, he or she magically ceases to be a Christian, immediately disowned and disavowed.

Conversely, crime, racism, atrocious behaviour only serves to make the Muslim more Muslim. Muslims cannot disown or disavow their own; 

Only Christians have that benefit...

Moreover, whites can give no account of their 'lone wolves' or 'bad apples'; they grow indignant at the very suggestion that they might possibly have any insight into a shooter’s motive, let alone that there might be a pattern, that their rhetoric might be toxic or incendiary, that they might need to be watched, that churches or gatherings might need scrutiny by the authorities.

Whites don't inform on their own. Beyond that, how could they possibly?

White Christians don’t all know each other;

They don’t all think alike;

They are diverse and independently-minded.

And their faith, culture, and politics are normal, non-threatening, non-violent…

… Every book and paper they read says so; 

Every speaker they listen to says so;  

Every expert on the news says so.

So we may never know why Jo Cox was murdered.

The incendiary vitriol of the EU referendum? Couldn’t be…

The endless anti-immigrant rhetoric? Don't be ridiculous...

The neo-Nazi literature? What an isolated loner nut job…

‘Britain First’! He seemed quiet…

We’re all at a loss. I guess we’ll never know.

If only- oh, if only- the suspect were a minority or a Muslim…

Then we’d know…

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