Thursday, 12 November 2015

Ecology: Looking After the House

The root of the word 'ecology' is οἶκος, the Greek word for 'house'.

So ecology isn’t only about taking care of the natural environment (although that’s certainly part of it);

'Ecology' is the study of- and care for- our house.

When we think of ecology this way, it helps us to reflect on the fact that we didn't build the house, and we can't rebuild it if it gets wrecked.

It also helps us to reflect that there’s only one big house- one house for us all.

There is no separate house for one race and one for another.

There is no 'male' house and 'female' house;

no 'gay' house and a 'straight' house;

no 'Irish' house and 'British' house,

no 'Muslim' house,

no 'Christian' house,

no atheist house…There is simply the house we all live in; 

the house that feeds us, clothes us, warms us, refreshes us all.

With that in mind, let's all do our bit to care for the house and everyone who lives here.

Be mindful of the cleaning rota,

Pay your bit of the bills, and pitch in for someone if they're skint. 

Ask before you eat something marked by someone else, and don't leave your stuff all over.

Be generous with what’s yours, and don't take advantage of generosity. 

Remind the loud and pushy that they're not the only ones living here.

Make sure everyone gets a chance to talk at house meetings. 

Please turn the lights off when you leave a room,

Remember to feed and water the plants and animals. 

Listen to music with headphones when someone else is reading.

Be courteous about other’s feelings when it comes to voicing your personal beliefs; no one’s obligated to agree with you. 

Wipe your feet.

Clean your own dishes and everybody help out with the pots.

And when anybody shows up at the door- no matter who they are- welcome them home...

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